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An airbrush is a custom spray tan performed by a trained professional with a high-volume, low-pressure spray gun.

At Tropical Zone, we use a high performance, hypoallergenic airbrush solution on our clients. We offer a variety of colors to match the client's skin type, giving them natural and flawless results.
Airbrush prices
1 session $45
2 sessions $70
4 Sessions $130



As close to your appointment time as possible:


SHOWER- using a non-moisturizing soap, we recommend clear Dial hand soap.


SHAVE- using a non-moisturizing soap, DO NOT use shaving cream.


EXFOLIATE- using a non-moisturizing soap and a loofa or washcloth, DO NOT use scrub products.


After you shower, DO NOT put on any lotion, deodorant or makeup. Wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment.


Rapid Solution: You must rinse 1.5-4 hours after the time of your spray.


Standard Solution: You must wait a minimum of 8 hours after the spray to rinse.


Be extremely careful to avoid water and sweating up until the time of your rinse.


For your first shower, just rinse off as quickly as possible, there is no need to scrub or use soap.


For the duration of your tan:

Make sure to moisturize at least 2x per day using a lotion that does not contain oil.



Take short showers and try to exfoliate and shave as little as possible.

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