An airbrush is a custom spray tan performed by a trained professional with a high-volume, low-pressure spray gun.


Airbrush tans are a more precise spray tan without those unsightly spots and streaks some automatic spray tan booths can cause.


They last longer too!

While most booth sprays last only 3-5 days, airbrush tans last 7-10 days!


Here at the Tropical Zone, we carry three brands of spray tan formula, and more than six different shades that can be sprayed on lighter or darker to perfectly fit your skin tone. 


The whole process takes only 15 minutes, but appointments must be made 1 or more days in advance.



As close to your appointment time as possible:


SHOWER- using a non-moisturizing soap, we recommend clear Dial hand soap.


SHAVE- using a non-moisturizing soap, DO NOT use shaving cream.


EXFOLIATE- using a non-moisturizing soap and a loofa or washcloth, DO NOT use scrub products.


After you shower, DO NOT put on any lotion, deodorant or makeup. Wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment.


Aviva Labs Rapid Solution: You must shower 1.5-2 hours after the time of your spray.

CA Tan : You must shower 3 hours after the time of your spray.


Aviva Labs Solution: You must wait a minimum of 8 hours after the time of your spray to shower.


Be extremely careful to avoid water and sweating until the time of your shower.


For your first shower, just rinse off as quickly as possible, there is no need to scrub or use soap.


For the duration of your tan:

Make sure to moisturize at least 2x per day using a lotion that does not contain oil.



Take short showers and try to exfoliate and shave as little as possible.

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